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  • How do commissions work?
    Exciting News! You're interested in commissioning me, and I'm thrilled to collaborate with you. Before we begin, here's what you need to know: Step 1: Share Your Vision Tell me what you'd like to commission. The possibilities are endless! It could be a character design for your DnD campaign, a captivating poster illustration, a button featuring your favorite character, or even an emote for your Twitch, Discord, or WhatsApp stickers. Step 2: Get in Touch Contact me through various Social Media platforms such as Discord, Instagram, Twitter, or email me at Once you've explained your concept and we've agreed to proceed, we'll move on to the next step. Step 3: Quotation You'll receive a detailed quotation summarizing the project, including pricing and the Terms and Conditions. Once you review and agree to the quotation, simply sign and send it back to me. Step 4: Invoice and Confirmation After receiving the signed quotation, you'll receive an invoice for the project. Once the invoice is settled, we're good to go! Step 5: Project Execution Congratulations! I'll start working on your project. Depending on your preference, we can collaborate live on Twitch, in Discord, or I can work offline. Rest assured, your vision will come to life. I can't wait to embark on this creative journey with you!
  • How does payment work for commissions?
    Once the quotation is approved, the client is required to pay an invoice, which must be a minimum of 50% of the total project cost (this is only the case if the total amount is over €‎100). The artist will commence work upon receipt of the initial payment, either the 50% or the full 100%. Please note that if the payment is not made within 2 weeks, the assignment will be canceled. For local clients residing in the Netherlands, an ideal invoice will be sent for payment. International clients are encouraged to use PayPal as the preferred payment method. Please bear in mind that the pricing is determined based on the overall workload involved in creating your piece. Factors such as complexity, number of revisions requested, and the inclusion of additional characters will influence the final price. As these elements increase, the overall cost of the project will be adjusted accordingly.
  • What I need from you
    To be able to work on your project I will require a general description that describes your idea. Of course depending on what project you like to do the description might vary but here are some big lines that could help me out. Characters: How many characters do you want me to draw? What do they look like and what category do they fall (Kid, teen adult or elder)? Any specific details you want to stand out? etc. Environment : What type of environment it is? which subject matters you want to see in it? what characters should be present (if any)? what type of mood?, etc. It is preferred if you can provide references so I can more accurately understand what you want in the end. Visual references are preferred! Photo references that you've found are perfectly OK. Note: Please do not make me read pages of lore related to your piece. This can be very time consuming and might even affect the final piece/ price. If there is something I need to know about your commission, try to keep it to the essentials. Thank you
  • Can I get the .psd and edit the piece?
    No, depending on your commission you will only receive PNG, JPG and/or PDF
  • Where is the store based?
    While I don't currently have a physical store (yet), I am proudly situated in the city of Gouda, located in the Netherlands.
  • Do you accept orders placed outside of NL?
    Absolutely! I gladly accept orders from customers worldwide. Regardless of your location, whether you're in Europe, Asia, the Americas, or any other part of the world, I would be delighted to serve you and fulfill your order. We offer international shipping to ensure that our products can reach fans and enthusiasts everywhere. So, no matter where you are, feel free to place your order with us!
  • What are the payment options for your shop?
    We offer a variety of convenient payment options to make your shopping experience smooth and hassle-free. Our payment methods include: iDEAL: If you're located in the Netherlands, you can use iDEAL, a popular and secure online payment method linked directly to your bank account. Debit and Credit Cards: We accept major debit and credit cards, providing you with the flexibility to pay using your preferred card, ensuring a secure transaction. PayPal: For international customers and those who prefer using PayPal, you can easily complete your purchase using this widely recognized and trusted online payment platform. With these payment options available, you can choose the method that suits you best and proceed with confidence when making a purchase from our shop.
  • What SocialMedia's do you use?
    I use a veriaty of social media platforms to connect with my community and share the latest updates. You can find me on the following channels: Discord: Join our community and engage with us on Discord at Twitch: Catch our live streams and creative sessions on Twitch at Instagram: Explore our visual journey and stay updated with our latest creations on Instagram at YouTube: Watch our videos, tutorials, and behind-the-scenes content on our YouTube channel at Twitter: Follow us on Twitter for news, announcements, and glimpses into our artistic world at TikTok: Check out our entertaining and creative content on TikTok at I love connecting with my audience across these platforms, so feel free to join, follow, subscribe, and be part of the vibrant community.
  • How can i contact you business related?
    To contact me regarding business-related inquiries, you have several options: Email: For business inquiries, please reach out to us via our official business email at Social Media: You can also connect with us through the following social media platforms: Instagram: Stay in touch and explore our creations on Instagram at Discord: Join our community and engage with us on Discord at Whether it's through email or social media, I'm looking forward to hear from you and discuss any business-related matters. Don't hesitate to reach out, and I will be happy to assist you!
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