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The Big Draw 2023

Saturday 9 september in Nijmegen

8 - 9 July | Paris Expo Porte de Versailles – Paris Convention Centre 

Twitch con Paris 2023

Damn. Just damn. for my first con outside of the Netherlands, I'd say, What an incredible event. @twitchcon Paris was a great success.
So many people got buttons, keychains, stickers, posters, LIVE doodle times, and so much more!

This con keeps amazing me.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by <3 without you guys, this wouldn't be such a core memory 💕
Big thanks to my friends and husband who helped me out! Faik, Jelte and Cas.


9 - 10 - 11 June | De Broodfabriek, Rijswijk

Anime con 2023

For my first 3-day convention I can say it was a great success! Even with the Unbearable heat of the weekend, I felt like I could truly enjoy the convention and still manage behind my stand.

Vibing with great music, Enjoying the chats with fellow artists and, Not to mention I had a great helper! thank you again, Brian!


6 - 7 May |  Event hall gorinchem


I started out with doubts about this convention. I wasn't sure what to expect so I went with no expectations and just a goal.

And I can say it was pretty all right! I had a great neighbour, a great helper (thank you Glenn) and a bonus helper (thank you Kim!) we had some great chats and over all, it was a fun convention!


19 - 20 November | Jaarbeurs Utrecht

Heroes Dutch Comic Con - Winter 2022

I was so tired. This was the first and one of the bigger conventions I First off managed to get a table in the dealer hall last minute (thank you @Avanii ) when I mean last minute I mean 4 days before the con.

Secondly, I'm never doing a con again without any helper! Though thanks to my sister and my friend Faik for helping me whenever they could.

DCC was overall a cool convention and would definitely try to participate again!


19 August | Gouda

Marckt 2022

The Marckt was a Fun market idea in the city of Gouda. Low cost for a big table, free entry and lots of people.

Would I do this again? No.

All I will say is that it was fun and very sweet that Local friends and family members finally were able to see what I do when I mention that I want to sell my own work at events.


16 - 17July | RAI Amsterdam

Twitch con Amsterdam 2022

This was my 'first' and most Impressive convention ever. I never expected the great amount of support, love, care and praise I would get from just being able to be myself. This truly showed me that I was worthy to be an artist.

It changed my full view of my work boosted my ego and actually made me cry on multiple occasions.

I wanna thank my best friend for being there by my side. and of course my stand buddy Whiskeypurr For joining my booth


20 October | Wfc Amsterdam

MGC | Experience 2018

I can honestly say that I was so excited. My first-ever convention. My first button machine, posters, business cards, commission sheet on a chalkboard, hand-drawn notebook and no wallet for exchanging money when someone bought something at my table.

I can honestly say it was a fun first experience and thanks to my dad we managed just about fine!

was it the best con? no. Do I keep forgetting this was my first con? Yes. but that's because of a 4 year gap between this one and the next one haha!

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