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Facts BE

6 - 7 April in Flanders Expo Ghent

6 - 7  April | Flanders Expo, Ghent, Belgium

Facts BE - Spring 2024

Facts is so much fun if done right.

The passion, the enthusiasm and the pure joy all the visitors have is amazing.

For the first time, we finally set up a full 3.6M booth! Which was such a big challenge to build. but it ended up looking incredible!
Thanks to my helper Ali (and Largo and Jelte) for being such amazing support and helper(s). We made some fun content, Made good sales, and had an incredible booth spot that's only getting better next edition.

I cant wait to see everyone then!


24 - 25 Februari | Event hall gorinchem

Heroes made in Asia 2024

What a great start to the year,

Comparing HMIA 23 to 24 Blew me away. I had some expectations but didn't expect this amount of love for the stand.


From the community meet up to many new people finding my stand and supporting it.

It was amazing to see how enthusiastic everyone was including my incredible helpers:

Largo, Glenn and Stephanie.

[Full review on my Youtube]


18 19 Nov | Jaarbeurs Utrecht, The Netherlands

Dutch Comic Con Winter 2023

I'm still blown away.

You guys broke my personal record, Absolutely blown away and on top of that Made me sell out of several prints, buttons and stickers. I have never experienced this much support and couldn’t thank everyone more.

All the comments I got from friends were “You were so busy! Like CONSTANTLY” and I kid you not. We started at 9 AM and ended around 8 PM Without breaks. Because you blew me away.

And we finally have a permanent stand at DCC. This will be in the Dealerhall but nonetheless, we made it.


Thank you  


21 - 22 Oct | Flanders Expo, Ghent, Belgium

Facts BE Winter 2023

Man, this convention was fun!

Facts gave me "first-time Dutch Comic Con" vibes, Meaning It's full of passion and enthusiasm. Everyone was very sweet and kept coming back to chat or buy more items.

I was sharing a booth with the lovely Cutiesquad in the Main dealer hall from the venue. This meant a lot of the Artist alley visitors might have missed me either way most of you found me and shared your love. I'm very happy I could see more of my Belgium fans! You guys made my day!


30 Sep - 1 Oct | Brussels Expo 

Gameforce BE 2023

Gameforce was… Special

It felt very difficult to get in because of several miss communications through the mail. As NL was all filled up they offered me a spot at BE.

And I can say I was not amused- The full artist alley was in the second area in THE BACK. Meaning it would take customers several minutes even to figure out where the AA was.
So from a seller's perspective, it wasn’t the best.

Would I do this again? No… very simple the cost of the con (Table, Traveling, Belgium Fines ha ha) was not worth it to go to this convention again unless they paid my spot.

9 September | Nijmegen 

The Big Draw Festival 2023

It was a fun little market. It's the first event I made less than €100 but I still say that it was better than the Marckt from 2022.


Why? Well, it's very simple, this event is what I love to see when it comes to an artist's market. Many artist, great weather, sweet people and a great environment. The thing that could be different was a better place. If it were In a larger city in Utrecht or Rotterdam then it could reach more people and be so much more fun (money and people wise). So conclusion it's a fun little convention good for networking just not if you want to actually make money haha.


8 - 9 July | Paris Expo Porte de Versailles – Paris Convention Centre 

Twitch con Paris 2023

Damn. Just damn. for my first con outside of the Netherlands, I'd say, What an incredible event. @twitchcon Paris was a great success.
So many people got buttons, keychains, stickers, posters, LIVE doodle times, and so much more!

This con keeps amazing me.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by <3 without you guys, this wouldn't be such a core memory 💕
Big thanks to my friends and husband who helped me out! Faik, Jelte and Cas.


9 - 10 - 11 June | De Broodfabriek, Rijswijk

Anime con 2023

For my first 3-day convention I can say it was a great success! Even with the Unbearable heat of the weekend, I felt like I could truly enjoy the convention and still manage behind my stand.

Vibing with great music, Enjoying the chats with fellow artists and, Not to mention I had a great helper! thank you again, Brian!


6 - 7 May |  Event hall gorinchem


I started out with doubts about this convention. I wasn't sure what to expect so I went with no expectations and just a goal.

And I can say it was pretty all right! I had a great neighbour, a great helper (thank you Glenn) and a bonus helper (thank you Kim!) we had some great chats and over all, it was a fun convention!


19 - 20 November | Jaarbeurs Utrecht

Heroes Dutch Comic Con - Winter 2022

I was so tired. This was the first and one of the bigger conventions I First off managed to get a table in the dealer hall last minute (thank you @Avanii ) when I mean last minute I mean 4 days before the con.

Secondly, I'm never doing a con again without any helper! Though thanks to my sister and my friend Faik for helping me whenever they could.

DCC was overall a cool convention and would definitely try to participate again!


19 August | Gouda

Marckt 2022

The Marckt was a Fun market idea in the city of Gouda. Low cost for a big table, free entry and lots of people.

Would I do this again? No.

All I will say is that it was fun and very sweet that Local friends and family members finally were able to see what I do when I mention that I want to sell my own work at events.


16 - 17July | RAI Amsterdam

Twitch con Amsterdam 2022

This was my 'first' and most Impressive convention ever. I never expected the great amount of support, love, care and praise I would get from just being able to be myself. This truly showed me that I was worthy to be an artist.

It changed my full view of my work boosted my ego and actually made me cry on multiple occasions.

I wanna thank my best friend for being there by my side. and of course my stand buddy Whiskeypurr For joining my booth


20 October | Wfc Amsterdam

MGC | Experience 2018

I can honestly say that I was so excited. My first-ever convention. My first button machine, posters, business cards, commission sheet on a chalkboard, hand-drawn notebook and no wallet for exchanging money when someone bought something at my table.

I can honestly say it was a fun first experience and thanks to my dad we managed just about fine!

was it the best con? no. Do I keep forgetting this was my first con? Yes. but that's because of a 4 year gap between this one and the next one haha!

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